Confessions of a Hotel Housekeeper

Ini judul artikel yang dikutip Yahoo Travel yang isinya menimbulkan perasaan serem…….
Emang sih sudah dimaklumi kalau kamar hotel itu tempat umum yang digunakan banyak orang secara bergantian jadi soal kebersihan cukup meragukan walaupun kamarnya terlihat  “kinclong”. Emang sih sudah diduga kalau karpetnya ga selalu di vacum jadi perlu dipertimbangkan untuk selonjor di karpet.
Tapi kalau tub nya cuma di spray-and-wipe aja lalu toiletnya cuma di flush, instead of cleaning it….huh…zheeerreem
Housekeeper hotel ini masih punya nurani untuk selalu mengganti seprai setiap check out guest, tapi bagaimana dengan housekeeper lain? Masak seh tiap travel harus bawa seprai ato kain bali?

“Confessions of a Hotel Housekeeper”

Budget Travel, February 2009
Allison Rupp worked at Yellowstone National Park’s historic Old Faithful Inn in 2004.

As long as it looked clean

I cut corners everywhere I could. Instead of vacuuming, I found that just picking up the larger crumbs from the carpet would do. Rather than scrub the tub with hot water, sometimes it was just a spray-and-wipe kind of day. After several weeks on the job, I discovered that the staff leader who inspected the rooms couldn’t tell the difference between a clean sink and one that was simply dry, so I would often just run a rag over the wet spots. But I never skipped changing the sheets. I wouldn’t sink that low, no matter how lazy I was feeling.

………….. I apologize to you now if you ever stayed in one of my rooms. You deserved better. But if housekeepers were paid more than minimum wage—and the tips were a bit better—I might have cleaned your toilet rather than just flushed it.


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